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We at Performance Enablers, partner with organizations - commercial and not-for-profit, to help them leverage the HR advantage. Our mission is to liberate people potential for mutual good of individuals, organizations, communities and society at large.

Recognition Practices In India

Design and implementation of performance linked employee recognition programs has been one of the core areas of Dr. Solanki’s work. in this short clip, he shares his thoughts on recognition practices in India on the sidelines of a conference organized by O.C. Tanner in Mumbai

Enabling The Client Through An Iterative Process

For us, design and Implementation of an HR intervention is an iterative process, executed in close partnership with a client. Our approach has been to build required internal capability in the client system and to work towards gradually reducing the client’s dependence on us.

When a client is able to effectively run a system/process co-created with us, that’s what we count as true mark of our success.  All the same, we are always available to support a client if required as we see ourselves as partners in the growth story of the clients.

Client Interface

HR - Performance Enabler

Our initial interaction with a client system is focused at gaining holistic understanding of the issue being faced. This is based on the systems approach to organization that presupposes that no isolated action can bring about sustainable improvement in an organization.

For us to gain the contextual and holistic understanding of an issue, it’s important that the client opens up to us. Our strong belief in co-creating solutions with the clients, result – linked and long term engagement, sincerity of purpose and humility – we never claim to have all the answers, help us to build  trust with a client.

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