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There are SMEs in the growth phase that require HR inputs in designing the organization, in leadership hiring, instituting HR systems and processes and to nurture high performance culture, to support their growth plans. We provide this service through our HR Consultancy in Mumbai that ensures quality and results from our seasoned professionals.

The usual practice among the SMEs seems to be to recruit some low – cost, young HR resources to manage the payroll and such basic work. Such resources obviously have their limitations to participate in management level discussions. Needless a to add, as the organization grows, the business plans need to factor the HR perspective.

We provide senior HR leaders from our network who are currently free-lancing but are ready to discharge the responsibility as the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) for the Company, with support from the time team in the organization. These experienced professionals provide leadership to the HR function in the SMEs and also bring much needed HR perspective in the management decision making.

These are part-time engagements that help the SMEs optimize on cost on such resources. The HR leaders are also able to manage more than one such engagements with proper agreed confidentiality clauses. Specifically, some of the benefits that accrue from such associations are:

  • Basic HR work gets streamlined and upgraded with direction from a competent HR leader- be it talent acquisition, on boarding, payroll, statutory compliance, PMS, R&R and the exit process.
  • The young HR professionals recruited by the SMEs learn and grow with the experience of  working with a seasoned professional.
  • Management always has the benefit of advice on HR matters from a seasoned professional before taking any critical HR / management decision.

These engagements can last from 1 day in a week to 3-4 days in a week, depending on the size and scale of operations and the commercials are decided accordingly. We as an HR Consultancy in Mumbai are looking to help organizations grow by leveraging the HR advantage.

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