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There are mid – size companies in the growth phase that require HR inputs in many areas- be it designing the organization, strengthening leadership with external and internal talent, HR systems and processes to nurture high performance culture etc, to help realize their growth aspirations.

However, not many mid – size companies are prepared to incur the cost of a full- time, senior HR resource. Many of them make do with the payroll and at best, a recruitment person in the name HR. To cater to this need, we provide the services of seasoned HR leaders as Consultant Chief HR Officer (CHRO) on a part-time basis.

Depending on the scale of operations and the employee strength, these engagements are in the form of one or two 2 days of physical presence in the office and the rest of the guidance as required, being made available remotely. 

An experienced HR resource with the help of the full – time team in the organization, is easily able to design and institute the best – in – class HR systems and practices. He / she also brings in HR perspective in the business planning and review process by the management, besides building required capabilities. With ongoing guidance from the senior resource, the usually young HR team in such organizations, also moves up the value chain. The result is a win – win for the organization and, also for the senior HR resource, who is able to take up many such engagements. 

Needless to add, while trustworthiness is a fundamental requirement, there are proper confidentiality agreements and engagement with competing organizations is an absolute no. 

We have seen this arrangement grow and hope to partner with more and more mid – size corporates.

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