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We see ourselves as growth enablers using HR lever. Our engagements therefore, typically follow these phases – Discovery, Design, Deployment, Reinforcement and Institutionalization.

Our services are focused on leveraging the HR advantage. Our experience however, suggests that many of the seemingly non – HR challenges have their roots in HR. The historical Hawthorne Effect obviously holds good even today. We therefore, recommend that if you are dealing with an issue in any facet of your organization- strategy, structure, process or operations, it’s worthwhile to look at how effectively the people factor is supporting you. And, we can help there with our diagnostic tools.

Our team members are corporate practitioners, career consultants and academics. This mix helps us bring eclectic perspective to the corporate issues.

When we engage with a client, we take ourselves as an extended, specialist arm of the organization. No change has ever been successfully implemented without thorough understanding of the ground realities. It’s therefore, important that we understand the formal and the informal organization in the client system, the key stakeholders of the challenge to be addressed and, build required trust so that a contextual solution can be co-created. This process also ensures stakeholder buy – in that in turn, supports sustainable implementation of new systems, processes and the capability in the client organization to administer the same.    

Initial interactions-meetings / calls, to help you define the challenge in a holistic manner, come at a nominal or no cost. It’s only when the key challenge is properly framed and the scope of work involved can be spelt out, that we present and work on agreed commercial terms.

Give us an opportunity to help you create more value for your organization.

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