Santosh Jagdhane

Dr Pramod Solanki is providing voluntary services to our Educational Development Project being implemented in partnership with Navdrushti, an NGO in the Govt. Ashramshala, Dabheri, Taluk- Jawahar, District- Palghar, Maharashtra and Sumitra Public School, Babai, Taluk and District- Hoshangabad, MP, India. The goal of this project is to develop holistic personality of tribal and rural students by providing them a quality of education.
In a nutshell, Dr Solanki is ‘THE DAILY DRUCKER’ for us. His well-balanced advice on project management, monitoring, evaluation, capacity building and training & development has helped us considerably to take our project at next level. He visits to our remotely located project sites and enthusiastic participation in our monthly review meetings has greatly helped us progress the project and also helped us improve our Plan-Do-Review Cycle with love, passion and compassion.
He is a free fountain of knowledge and experiential learning for us. He has simplified our understanding of Human Investment and its importance which has helped us to align our goal and vision with our project implementing team.
Dr Solanki is a leading role model for many consultants. Like him, other consultants should also develop the NGOs and help build our country. May God bless him with health and zeal to serve our society.