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Our ServicesOverview

Our services cover the entire gamut of HR function, with deep experience and insights in the following areas:

    Leadership Effectiveness:

    It is as much a common knowledge as the findings by the scholars that quality of leadership in an organization has a decisive influence on its success. Leadership effectiveness therefore, remains the primary focus of our services.

    We offer complete of gamut of solutions to raise the level of leadership effectiveness:

    • Diagnostic instruments / processes to arrive at the leadership model (success profile) for an organization
    • The competency gaps for the people currently in the leadership roles
    • co-creating solutions – designing and implementing key management structures and processes; Individual Development Plans (IDPs) including coaching of executives and managers; Design of HR practices and
    • processes to reinforce desired leadership behaviours and cultural changes, and
    • instituting self-sustaining systems

    With due engagement of the client organization, this intervention is bound to impact the performance of an organization as much as the engagement and commitment of employees.

    CHRO Services:

    With part – time and largely virtual engagement, we lead HR function for the mid-size corporates. Besides ensuring that the state-of-the- art processes and practices that enhance business performance are implemented, this arrangement also facilitates development of the client’s in-house HR team as a high -performing one.

    • Instituting competency – based HR function
    • Business – driven capability building intervention, using state – of – the – art, blended learning approach
    • Align the workforce with strategic priorities of the organization through design of:
      • Performance – Linked Employee Engagement Interventions
      • Performance Management System- Building capability for goal setting and review of inputs and outputs, Performance – linked Pay (PLP)
      • Performance – Linked Recognition Programs to nurture a high-performance culture

    Strengthen Onboarding Process

    Building Change Management Capability in the client system

    Talent Acquisition Process- Use of competency-based interviews (CBI) and Psychometric Tools; Alignment with the strategic focus of the organization.

    For us, success does not only mean implementation of a system or process in a client organization. We work to build required capability so that the client is able to administer the newly designed system / process even after we have completed the assignment.

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It is as much a common knowledge as the findings by the scholars that quality of leadership in an or

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