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About Performance Enablers

We are a dynamic team of HR and Management Professionals from diverse industries and academic backgrounds. However, what truly unites us is our unwavering belief that the potential of the people factors in organizational success remains untapped, despite years of progress in the HR discipline. Our passion lies in unlocking this untapped potential for the greater good of individuals, organizations, communities, and society at large.

To best serve our clients, we assemble teams based on the unique strengths and expertise each associate brings to the table. However, Dr. Pramod Solanki, Founder of Performance Enablers himself leads the assignments and takes overall responsibility for their successful delivery.

While we do offer one-off workshops for clients, our primary focus is to work with the clients as catalysts over a period of time, to help achieve their growth aspirations. Our proven experience has only reinforced our belief in this business model.

We understand that identifying issues comprehensively can be a challenge for clients. That’s why we employ a rigorous “why-why” analysis to pinpoint the root cause of problems. This helps us draw up an action plan that is grounded on the realities of the client organization and forms the basis for our interventions.

Whether you’re facing performance challenges or seeking proactive strategies for improvement, our diagnostic processes and tools are designed to provide clarity on the key issues at hand. We’ll work closely with you to design and implement a tailored solution that fits your unique context.

We invite you to schedule a no-commitment call with us to discover firsthand the value we can bring to your organization. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate how we can make a positive impact on your journey towards success.

Dr. Pramod Solanki – Founder

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