Enhancing HR Capabilities for Mid-Size Companies

Mid-size companies often have small, in-house HR teams comprised of young professionals handling basic HR tasks such as payroll, attendance, and recruitment coordination. However, these companies can greatly benefit from the mentorship of an experienced HR professional without the need to hire a full-time senior resource.

Here are some key advantages:

  • Strategic Organizational Review: We assist organizations in evaluating the alignment of their current design with strategy execution, operational efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Best-in-Class HR Processes: We review and implement industry-leading HR processes and practices, covering the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to exit.
  • Business-Aligned HR Activities: We ensure HR activities are aligned with the present and future needs of the business, promoting growth and sustainability.
  • Development of HR Team: We focus on developing the HR team, fostering a business-enabling approach to HR functions.
  • Representation in Management: We represent HR function in management forums to ensure that HR is duly factored while drawing up business plans. This ensures seamless support for the organization’s aspirations.

Depending on the scale and employee strength of the organization, our engagements typically involve a physical presence in the office for half a day to one day per week, with virtual collaboration for the remaining tasks. Our experience has shown that with guidance from senior resources, young HR teams quickly progress to higher-value tasks. This creates a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the client organization and for us.

Rest assured, we prioritize trustworthiness and maintain strict confidentiality agreements with our clients. We never engage with competing organizations, guaranteeing complete dedication to our partnership.

We have witnessed the growth of such arrangements and eagerly look forward to collaborating with more mid-size corporates. Together, let’s elevate your HR capabilities for sustained success.