Synergy among Business Leaders, HR Leaders and HR AcademicsĀ 

At Performance Enablers, we firmly believe that the true essence of any profession is unlocked through dialogue and collaboration among its stakeholders. With this in mind, we have created a unique platform called HR Confluence, a flagship annual event presented jointly by Performance Enablers and HR Excellence (HREx) Group.

HR Confluence brings together key players in the HR profession, fostering knowledge-sharing and synergistic partnerships. HREx Group, led by renowned expert Dr. Pramod Solanki, is a virtual knowledge network of dedicated HR professionals.

The inaugural HR Confluence held in 2017 witnessed the convergence of esteemed business leaders, HR professionals, and academics. This dynamic event featured captivating keynote addresses, thought-provoking panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions.

We were privileged to have Harsh Mariwala, Chairman of Marico Ltd., renowned for its progressive HR practices, deliver the inspiring keynote address. Mr. Mariwala eloquently showcased the pivotal role of HR in shaping organizational success. His profound insights into building Marico and the impact of HR left a lasting impression on the audience, offering invaluable lessons for all participants.

Additional sessions focused on exploring effective structures, processes, and practices to enhance synergy between business leaders, HR professionals, and academics. Practical suggestions were shared, emphasizing the importance of fostering collaborative relationships.