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Customized Diagnostic Tools

It’s said that if you can define a problem correctly, you can solve it. We therefore, consider diagnostic work as the most critical phase of our work.

We use a mix of customized, structured questionnaires, semi-structured / exploratory interviews and focus groups discussions (FGDs), to gain holistic understanding of the issues involved. While structured interviews provide the ease of gathering and processing responses from large no. of respondents, semi-structured interviews help us understand the key stakeholders’ thinking in certain depth.

The focus group discussions are utilized to achieve two purposes: a) To develop an eclectic perspective on the issues by bringing together a representative set of people from various stakeholder groups and b) facilitating creative problem solving and action planning wherein every stakeholders has the opportunity to be heard and co-create solution.

To measure psychometric attributes where required, we use a range of reliable and valid psychological tests that have stood the test of time and have also been validated for cultural compatibility and the norms to be used for interpretation.

As we use a mix of these tools, the guiding principle remains the ‘why-why analysis’ of the issues in questions, with the objective of getting to the root cause of the problem.

The data so gathered helps us develop a 360 degree view of an issue. We then engage with the key stakeholders to design the intervention and also the implementation plan. Needless to add, this approach has helped us develop systematic and systemic interventions to resolve the issues in a sustainable manner.