Starting up

Looking to start up in 2024? Here’s what to consider while taking the leap: #LinkedInTopVoices#Entrepreneurship#LinkedInNewsIndia#founders

If you are not really ‘fired up’ by what you want to start – the problem that you want to solve, you cannot ignite others who work with you.

And if you are, your people around would get it. Because it’s contagious.

This fire is the foundational requirement to start up. Then of course, the host of downstream work:

a) Translate this ambition into SMART goals- for the organization, for the team leads and for the individual contributors, including shared, cross-functional responsibilities.

b) Be agile – have ongoing conversations with the customer facing and execution teams. Check-in on what’s working well, what’s not, how to get around it. Make course corrections.

c) Review against the set goals; reflect and improvise.

d) Optimise cost in every decision, without losing sight of the potential value loss. This balance matters.

e) Keep your people informed- what’s working, challenges and opportunities. They can surprise you with their ideas, solutions.

f) Celebrate innovation, excellence- It engages people, creates a pull to excel.

g) Talent mindset- engage with your people, to know what they do well, where they struggle and need support and mentoring, constraints that need to be removed for superior performance etc.  

At the end of the of the day, it’s how well you unleash and manage the potential – of your own and that of your people, that drives success.

Thank you Isha Chitnis of LinkedIn for the nudge.  

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