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Here is one more short write-up on much debated topic of times – how will work be done in future and the management styles that are appropriate. Read….

The articles on future of work and management styles seem to be garnering lot of interest from people across the board. And that’s not surprising, given the impact it has on the lives of the working people and not just work life.

A large section of people denounces ‘command and control’ style as not being in synch with the current realities. They instead recommend leaders / managers to be coaches and enablers.

Not that antiquated idea of ‘command and control’ have not been called out in the past. But it is so much more topical today. That explains the level of traction around this discourse and the opportunity to bring about sustainable change.

It’s somewhat like #technology and #digitilization that had been advocated for more than a decade, as a critical lever for the modern day businesses. But progress around adoption was painfully slow. And about an year into the pandemic, these penetrated and found their place in the vitals of business, not to speak of the support services. So, necessity is not only the mother invention. It’s also a mother of adoption.

Gen Y and Gen Z grow up in an environment of freedom and choices available to them. The parents also connect with them as friends. It’s no surprise that they have been clamouring for similar environment at workplace, much to the displeasure of some of the #oldguard , not in terms of age but the #mindset .

The experience of the last two years has debunked any myth about close #supervision helping productivity. The young workforce is not willing to buy this argument any more. No wonder that the question – Is #WFH available in your company ? has become so common in #interviews.

Gen Y and Gen Z are the #workforce of the #future . Not acknowledging their expectations and aspirations would be like trying to swim against the tide.

Hope the good sense prevails and the #managers and #leaders #unlearn the #mindset of #command and #control and #relearn to be #enablers and #coaches . And if we we take it seriously, we can make it happen. The adoption of technology and digitization during pandemic is a case in point.

Love to hear your perspective.

This article on one of the #LinkedIn group invited comments from many senior professionals. If you wish to read them and respond, here is the link to the article:

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